Maltreated by a homeless

She was wondering on the streets looking for a human with a soul to love her and in return she’ll offer all her love and loyalty. In this way she found a bastard homeless who beaten her till broken her jaw, she has legs problems and who knows what we’ll still discover during investigations but she, kind and loyal soul, was standing and enduring all this treatment without leaving his side unless she was going to look for food when she was hungry. In this way it was succeeded to capture her and now she’s safe, at the clinic, where she’ll receive all the necessary care till she’ll be well in order to take her in our sanctuary from where she’ll leave only to a family that will truly love her.
We kindly ask you to help us succeed make a happy end for this gentle soul also. Thank you!

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Update Sanny

Sanny has had a successful operation to repair her jaw- all went well. Now she has a long recovery ahead of her.Now is a time for patience and love as we feed her soft food slowly. In the long run, I hope all will go well for Sanny.

We have to let Sanny recover from her jaw operation to address the other health issues she faces such as her legs, etc.
I know that step by step with love and patience, Sanny will become a healthy girl.
Thank you so much, dear friends for your support!
SPECIAL THANKS to dr Levente and to Roxi .

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We need to say good-bye… Sanny is leaving to be with her new family. We part with difficulty and there are tears…, yet, for her it’s the beginning of a new and wonderful life.
We love you, Sanny. Don’t forget to write to us from time to time

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