Activity Report

Activity Report

We wanted to give you a short activity report for the year 2015. Perhaps we could have done even more for the animals, but as you well know, we are always hindered by the lack of financial means, which keeps ups from spending too much. We have over 100 animals in our carecat home, and additionally, we have others in foster care or on the streets, which we help as well.

1. We have sterilized over 300 animals this year (dogs and cats)

2. 150 animals have been adopted (dogs, cats, guinea pigs)

3. We rescued 40 animals from terrible situations (animals that were in accidents or tortured or suffered other traumas). Some of these, after being treated or operated on at clinics we collaborate with, recovered and went on to adoption; others are with us still, being unable to go for adoption due to the handicaps they were left with.

4. We were able to make a number of complaints to the police and the DSV, and some of them were filed to go to court, but we do not have a final sentence to conclude that we have succeeded. Here we also lack funds to hire lawyers who could get involved in these cases.

5. We have visited schools and kindergartens to raise awareness among children about animals as being part of our lives and which must be protected.

6. We have organized the monthly event at Atrium Mall, where those who participated could adopt animals, the children could be in direct contact with dogs and cats, and many could donate food and money and complete the 2% form ( a great help for us in paying debts that we acquire during the year).

For all we have accomplished, we want to thank all those who have always been with us, who have supported us. Without you, who are always ready to help, we couldn’t do anything. From the bottom of our hearts, WE WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Activity Report
Activity Report Activity Report Activity Report raport2015

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