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How things are going …
How things are going …

We have more on our plate than we can manage at the moment – from morning to evening, from Monday to Sunday, everything is just a blur and we struggle to keep up. On top of everything else, we now also have these newborn puppies, abandoned in a parking lot. I don’t want to express my sad and depressive thoughts about the whole situation. It’s so hard to feed 7 puppies with a baby bottle every 3 hours. All this in addition to the 100 animals from the sanctuary, jobs and child … Unfortunately, one of them didn’t survive. We keep taking them to the vet and hope that all of the others make it and grow to be big and healthy.

How things are going ...
The paralyzed dog – Lipovan – we have released him from the clinic and he is here with us. Sadly, bad news: He will remain paralyzed. There was nothing that could be done for him, but at least here with us, along with the other paralyzed dogs, we will offer him a life filled with love and safety. When he looks at you, his eyes are so innocent, you immediately understand the gratitude and happiness in his look. We’ve all fallen for him.

The puppies who were abandoned in the sun in a box, covered in wounds and in a terrible state, are now well. Only one didn’t make it, but we have managed to save the rest. It was a hard period of time, every day at the vet and treatments, but we made it! They are now prepared for adoption and we hope to find wonderful homes for them, just like they are.

Meanwhile, in our path appeared a cat mother with newborn kittens … she’s also safe, here with us and the vaccination, sterilization and so forth are up next … it seems like it’s never-ending.

OZZY, the puppy rescued from the public shelter, the one with only 2 hind legs, is well, growing big and getting spoiled. Just a few more months and he will need a special wheelchair which we hope we can buy together.

Last winter, if you can remember, the cat enclosure got in a terrible state. We started to rebuild it and we ask you to support us with this as well – every help matters a lot to us.

These are the latest news from the APAM Sanctuary. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!

The cats, dogs, ponies and we hug you with love!

How things are going …

Horror Sunday

It seemed like a quiet Sunday until our phones started to ring. A desperate lady told us that a car driven by an irresponsible driver simply ran over a dog from the streets.
The quiet Sunday turned into a nightmare Sunday, full of pain and suffering both for us and for the poor soul that was trying to make a living on the streets through no fault of his own.
Now he is in the clinic where doctors are taking care of investigations and treatment.
We hope he will get better because a new life awaits him here at the APAM Sanctuary.
Any help, no matter how small, for us means a lot!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Horror Sunday
Horror Sunday width=

We are desperate!

We are desperate, tired and overwhelmed by many problems, it is very difficult to have 78 dogs and 25 cats at home, we are only 3 people who take care of them and we all have our own work so we can make a living. We try to explain to the many people who call and write to us that we can’t take in any more animals but we don’t seem to be convincing or perhaps their lack of respect and egoism is too great. So, without any remorse, they abandoned 6 puppies who just opened their eyes, full of ticks and wounds and crying desperately of fear, hunger and thirst.

We implore you not to leave us on our own with these situations, they need medical care, deworming, vaccines and most importantly, a family to adopt them.
We are desperate!

We had a sad week

We had a sad week, a small step towards desperation! In the public shelter there was a small puppy with only two legs, abandoned…we rescued him from there and promised the little one that his life from now on will be one filled with love at the APAM Sanctuary. While we were looking at Ozzy and his little innocent eyes, the phone rings…SHOCK! His little brother was also in the public shelter, also with only two legs, but no one told us of his existence…he was put in the paddock, along with other dogs, and for the nightmare to be complete, the poor puppy spent an entire night in the rain during a terrible storm! In the morning, when he was found almost dead, we were called and he was rushed to the clinic! Ozzy’s brother is a fighter and we hope he will win the battle with life! We promised him too that everything will be lovely here at the APAM Sanctuary, together with his brother, Ozzy, he just needs to get better.
In short, this is the story of the two special puppies and we hope you send Ozzy’s brother your prayers so he gets better.

We had a sad week

We are rescuing NON STOP!

Although already at our monthly charity event, the charity where we try to raise what is necessary for our little animals, one of our volunteers discovered another terrible case.

It’s a cat, resigned in the grass, terribly skinny and, the cherry on top, with her ear completely “eaten” by a cruel disease. With difficulty, we mobilized ourselves to try and catch the little cat, another day in the street for her could’ve been her last.

Eventually, starved and resigned, she let herself get caught my the APAM volunteers. She is a superb cat but totally grounded up by problems. The images are painful and only with your help can we succeed in giving her a beautiful life!

Another soul taken from the streets, another terrible case accepted, even when we are already busy with other souls that we are trying to find homes for. Another proof that our work never gets a break or has steady hours.

The rescue is not finished, the treatment will be difficult, expensive and of long term! You now have the possibility to join the rescue through donations, only this way will this little soul be healthy again!

We thank you in advance for the support you will give!
We are rescuing NON STOP!
We are rescuing NON STOP!

A kitten thrown out the window

An absolutely horrible gesture!

No matter how overwhelmed we are by helping abandonment cases or animals found by others on the street we can’t overlook such grave and desperate situations.

We were notified by a school girl that she saw a kitten being thrown out the window. The kitten chance was that she landed on top of some local vegetation and didn’t suffer any major injuries. Obviously, we acted as fast as we could and took the kitten in, helped by the school girl who saw the whole thing.

After the social media post, many people became interested in the little kitten’s faith, we are letting you know that we will need your support for future medical interventions such as spaying, disinfection and vaccination.

The only positive aspect of this incident is that future generations are showing compassion and involvement towards society and innocent beings!

We are always counting on your support, adopt and donate! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

A kitten thrown out the window
A kitten thrown out the window

Amstaff covered in wounds!

This is how this little dog was found, abandoned in the street. Covered in wounds and literally with holes in her body plus other issues found in the first investigations.
Most likely she was waiting for her end, resigned, upset over this life that was so full of cruelty towards her!
It is believed that she was a bait dog for other dogs of her breed…the truth we will never know…
For now, the little lady is in the clinic and we hope everything will end well for her!
For her, any donation COUNTS, no matter how small! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Amstaff covered in wounds!
Amstaff covered in wounds! width=
ATHENA on clinic

ATENA is waiting for her family

Heroic mother

When you get involved, help, rescue and have your eyes opened in general to what is happening in this world, cases seem to find you.
This is what happened with this little cat, a heroic mother! She was found lying on the side of the road, helpless, ready to die with visible signs of pregnancy.
She was rushed to the vet and after investigations it was discovered that the babies were dead in the belly of the cat. The surprise came during the operation, where out of the 7 babies, 3 had signs of life and showed that they wanted to live. They were resuscitated and are now with their little mother who is scared and exhausted from all that happened.
We don’t know how she got in that state, possibly hit by a car, other animals or even a human being. What is certain is that the little mother was rescued from a painful death and with her, the babies were also rescued and are fighting to survive. A heroic mother who adopted the orfaned kittens from last week.
The number of babies and animals recently taken in by APAM has risen suddenly and we are in desperate need of your help. Only through your donations and support can we help in such grave cases!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, in advance, for all your support!
Heroic mother
Heroic mother

They abandoned them,to die alone

For us, spring doesn’t just mean life and joy but also the beginning of the abandonments “season”. A season of horror in which these souls are abandoned without mercy, to die alone in agony.
Such was the case with these little souls, found abandoned in a plastic bag.
We need all the help we can get: financial, foster to be bottle feed until adoption age or even adoption.
Help us so we can help!

They abandoned them,to die alone
They abandoned them,to die alone

Three of our oldies left us..

The first one to leave was Mona, we rescued her 17 years ago when she was just a little scared puppy who found love and safety with us.

The second one to leave was Micky, this year it would’ve been 19 years since he was rescued from the hands of a psychopath who used to hit him in the head with green plums. He was so small he didn’t know how to keep himself safe from that crazy person because that was his home; we managed to take him with us so that nobody would hurt him anymore. All his life he remained damaged because of those hits he received, but fortunately, the issues were only for short periods of time.

The third one to leave was Tedy, his life was changed in the year 2003 when walking through the market in a small town, we saw a tinny black being, trying to find a family, sticking to people but being kicked a shoved for his insistence. So, 16 years ago, we became for Tedy something that he always wanted: a forever family!

Now, they are all gone, leaving only a few days apart and leaving us with a broken heart.
Rest in peace, our dearest and remember we will always keep you in our hearts and memories.
Three of our oldies left us..

Three of our oldies left us.. width=

Three of our oldies left us..

In the brink of the winter holidays

In the brink of the winter holidays, the snow and cold came. It was not welcomed by the Apam family! 🙁
We are working hard, once again, to defrost the drinking water, we are shovelling the snow so we can get to the animals…but if this was the only problem, we could have managed.
Unfortunately, the heavy snow broke a lot of the glass from the flower greenhouse…
The heavy snow on top of the cat enclosure is about to come crashing down! We are trying to get it off but it is very hard and every time we try to remove it, the wooden structure keeps falling apart.
We are expecting a disaster and we hope for no more snow!
We know it’s the season of gift giving and shopping and everybody has it hard this time of the year but we beg of you, no matter how small, please help us buy the materials we need to rebuild
the cat enclosure!
As soon as the snow melts and we can get our car out, we will go buy the materials we need…
But without your help, we can’t do it and we are looking at a catastrophe! 🙁
Apam Sanctuary wishes you Happy holidays and we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all your support!
With love and hope,
The Apam Family

In the brink of the winter holidays

In the brink of the winter holidays width=

We make them smile

In a country in which animal rights are not respected, we can’t say that people are much more respected.
We are even more impressed by people who can hardly make it through with their personal expenses and yet still rescue abandoned animals of the streets, animals which they love and make sure they miss nothing. That is how we chose to help 10 families that are in such a situation.
We helped with food, spaying and vaccination. In a cold and selfish world, we can’t remain passive towards people who often give up food
for themselves to feed their animals. The case of a child who found a stray kitten and wanted to adopt her, but the family could not afford
the costs for vaccines and deworming, impressed us to tears. So we paid all the costs and later on, we will take care of the spaying.
With so little with managed to make two little souls happy!
All these gestures we cannot do without your donations. Which is why we ask you not to forget about us, no matter how little, it means a lot to us!
We thank you from our hearts!
We make them smile
We make them smile

Tinny, saved from death!

Although we are trully overwhelmed by the large number of souls we have in our care, we could not remain careless…
So was the case with this beautiful tomcat. The typical case: in the yard of a factory, a kitten was abandoned, meanwhile he was brutally attacked by dogs.
His problems were extremely severe: serious injuries on his legs, him being weak and without strenght to stand, an eye infected…without APAM’s intervention, he would have had a painfull and excruciating end.
APAM took over the case and he was urgently received for treatment, treatment that was and will be very costly in the upcoming period, but the good news is that the tinny kitten is recovering and will be up for adoption as soon as possible, so he can leave behind all of his suffering.
He is a beautil little tomcat, loving and gentle who feels that he’s been saved and that he is safe from now on. Although abandoned and left for dead by humans, he offers his saviors and his future family lots of grattitude.
Only with your help, through donations, can we continue to help this tinny one and all the rest of the APAM Sanctuary’s souls. We thank you for helping us save them!
Tinny, saved from death!
Tinny, saved from death!

Remember Tinny? The little kitten with numerous problems: serious injuries on his legs, him being weak and without strength to stand, an eye infected, it seems that his problems are from birth. These were probably the reasons why he was abandoned in the first place.
We, Apam, tried to do everything possible for him. This being said, he will remain in the Apam Sanctuary for the rest of his life, where he will be loved and cared for in a proper way.
Tinny is yet another soul who joins the Apam Sanctuary for life. Support our effort for these souls and donate so we can keep saving others. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Have you ever felt your heart stoping, and you felt like screaming, crying and you felt hopeless?…hopeless only for a few seconds! That is what we felt the moment we saw an abandoned box with three puppies, one dead, devoured by worms, the other two, still alive but also being devoured by wormes!
Maggo and Maggie were awaiting death next to their brother…the worms were eating them alive. Wherever you would look, worms were moving around: in the eyes, ears, genitals. The worms were already adult size, a sign that the puppies were in that state for days now and the pinnacle of indifference was the baby bottle thrown in the box next to the puppies. How far can this cruelty go?!
After hours spent at the clinic, nightmare images, worms removed with tweezers, we managed to clean them up. If at first, there seemed to be no hope, now everything is looking much better. Although both lost an eye, being entirely devoured by worms, at this moment they are drinking their milk and we hope everything will be better.
For the two babies, any help is welcome and we thank you in advance! Only together we can succeed.
Maggo and Maggie wish you love and hope!

Maggo & Maggie

Ready for adoption


  • Gorgeous but at the brink of death!

It’s baby season and we can’t cope with the large number of cases of kittens or puppies that we must respond to for rescue.
These two beauties, boy and girl, had the chance to be rescued from a crowded parking lot where many others ended up under the wheels of cars.
Unfortunately, these beautiful kittens are very sick, they barely survived and are now receiving treatment. Treatment that is very costly and could take a long time.
They have a chance, but we can only succeed if you help us!
Any amount is helpful, little by little we can raise the amount necessary for medication, and when they will be healthy enough, the beautiful kittens will be put up for adoption.
We thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

Gorgeous but at the brink of death!

Gorgeous but at the brink of death!

Ready for adoption

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