A terrifying moment

A terrifying moment

A terrifying moment

It looked like a beautiful day. Although it was raining and rather cold for the end of June, we were happy that the therapy that Victoria is going through every other day had begun to show results, and that she was stronger and stronger everyday. We were on our way home, when the horrific moment happened: a few meters ahead of us, a car was coming from the opposite direction at high speed, and struck a dog who was unfortunately trying to cross the road. Of course, the car went on without remorse or a sign of being sorry for what happened. Suddenly, it all turned into a nightmare for us: the dog was howling in pain.Victoria crossed the road to make sure no other care hit the dog again. Little Paula began to cry with terror and Cristina was trying to calm her down. We were desperate and kept looking around for help, but amazingly, two women began to yell at us to leave the dog alone to die, since it anyway didn’t belong to anyone. Meanwhile the dog dragged itself into a ditch and Victoria was trying to calm him, but it was too terrified and in pain to understand our intention to help. Cristina began calling around desperately for help, and thankfully, two wonderful people responded: Luciana and her husband arrived in a few minutes, and with their help we managed to put the little female dog in the car and take her to the vet’s office, where Dr. Levente and Roxi would take over her care. We thank Luciana and her husband, Dragos, Dr. Levente and Roxi, and you, dear friends, who always help us financially and spread the word, so that we can save such cases.We will keep you informed.
A terrifying moment

A terrifying moment





A terrifying moment

A terrifying moment

FAY at Apam`s animals sanctuary


FAY now has her home where she is loved so much.
FAY in germania

FAY.in Germania.2.

Fay.in germania.3.

Fay.in germania.5.

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