A Life in the Dark!!

I believe no one likes the dark, even if they know light is to come in a few hours, and they can fully enjoy it. I, on the other hand, a poor little dog who doesn’t belong to anyone, can’t enjoy anything, neither light, nor a human to love me and offer me the peace and safety I so need, not even the kind touch I so long for. I hear happy dogs around me, spoiled by their masters, but I belong to no one and I will probably end my days alone in the cold, with no one to notice that I’ve lived on this earth. …
These were my thoughts until a few days ago, when the sun shone in my life too! I couldn’t see it, but I felt its warmth. I’ve found the joys of being loved, cared for, of having a warm hand pet me and hearing a kind voice speak to me. I thought I died and went to heaven, but it was all real. I did get into animals’ heaven, the APAM Sanctuary. From now on, my life has a purpose too, and I am happier than you can imagine!
Dear friends of animals, please help APAM so that, in their turn, they can care for us, the forgotten, unfortunate ones, and let others like me know my fortune, too. Thank you for listening to my story.
Yours, with love,
Al Pacino”



Al Pacino at Apam`s Sanctuary:

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