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news from apam`s animals sanctuary

There was a picture circulating on social media featuring a female dog which couldn't walk and it turned out this poor innocent soul was hit by multiple cars passing indifferently through an area where people abandon animals deemed as useless objects. Our concern grew when we found out from the ...

We don't know for how long these horrors will continue in this country! How long will shameless and heartless people and drivers make the animals suffer! We won't probably find an answer in our desperation, that of the few who protect and help these little creatures and find them a ...

This new year isn't showing signs of happiness for us, since we are simply overwhelmed with phone calls, messages and cries for help. Outside, the blizzard and freezing temperatures which would make life difficult without a roof over one's head! However, this doesn't stop those bipeds without a heart to ...

A beast with a human face has been training his pitbull to attack cats and other helpless dogs: the video has circulated on all social networks and it's terrible, so we did not want to share it here, in order to avoid creating more shock than we have already felt ...

When everyone was preparing to move from the old year into the new one, a tortured soul lay almost frozen, and with head wounds on the side of a road. This is the way we have spent many New Year's occasions,

During the 25 years since we have been busy saving abandoned animals, we have seen many cases of animals who have been tortured

This is how a brute with a human face wanted to kil her female dog. Because the dog got pregnant, she threw her on the street but, because the dog did not move from the front side of the house no matter

We shall probably never know whether he was beaten and abandoned, or he was thrown out and then beaten by someone, or perhaps suffered an accident. What is certain is that he had 3 fractures of the mandible and one

We would often like to have at least out weekends in peace and rest, yet we can see that it's not possible to take a break. Perhaps if we were to shut off the phones and the internet

It is hard thing to understand, for people born in civilized countries where the rights of animals are respected. Hard to understand how a country belonging to Europe could have people so cruel

It is incredible how cruel this world we live in has become! We are left in shock from all the calls for help we receive, and all the messages sent to us. How can we cope with all these cries

This is what we suspect, that he was hit in the head. Unfortunately, we can't tell with certainty, since we rely on investigations among the people around, and the verdict of the vets.

It doesn't matter that we are upset about the destruction created by the rainfall, during which our greenhouses and so many plants and labor have been destroyed: when the phone rings,

A heavy rain havocked throughout our sanctuary, it took away the gravel and the sand

We all know that the eyes are the most precious: we can see the light with their help, and all that is around us. Being blind means to live a life in darkness, not to know when you can stumble and fall,