Human cruelty again!!

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A few hours ago we received a call from a lady who was crying, and who didn’t even have time to react to what she saw by taking the licence number of the car in question. A monster of a person, in a red Dacia Logan stopped and abandoned a pregnant cat in the grass. The cat is so pregnant that she has only hours to delivery, the delivery of innocent kittens.

We continue being shocked by such events, and ask ourselves what kind of excuse can such a cruel person have, to simply abandon a lovely creature like this unfortunate, sad little cat… At least this cat is now safe here at the APAM sanctuary. I believe a long night is in front of us..
1392026_648623098507664_1379435543_n  Human cruelty again!! 1392026 648623098507664 1379435543 n

1499580_648265895210051_789652373_n  Human cruelty again!! 1499580 648265895210051 789652373 n

1506981_650160635020577_263954149_n  Human cruelty again!! 1506981 650160635020577 263954149 n

1920015_648623071841000_1437281547_n  Human cruelty again!! 1920015 648623071841000 1437281547 n

1970465_649232945113346_787488626_n  Human cruelty again!! 1970465 649232945113346 787488626 n

10251930_662641540439153_2002385135676578718_n  Human cruelty again!! 10251930 662641540439153 2002385135676578718 n

10252153_662641583772482_3674630473536933716_n  Human cruelty again!! 10252153 662641583772482 3674630473536933716 n

10264906_662641687105805_2927028169355654777_n  Human cruelty again!! 10264906 662641687105805 2927028169355654777 n

10271636_662641563772484_1818683006463670222_n  Human cruelty again!! 10271636 662641563772484 1818683006463670222 n

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