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17 years ago, Bobby found us. We were out shopping and woke up with a dog in our car, waggin his tail happily and waiting to go home. Since then, he became our boy along

It is incredible how some people think that if they go to church or give a dime to a beggar they did such a great deed and they are forgiven for every sin, even more

To save an animal does not mean to give a call or write a message and wait for the case to be solved. Unfortunately, many people think we are some sort of ANIMAL PLANET

This is Dusty, a horribly beaten dog, a dog in indescribable torment and abandoned in the street! Abandoned with his eyes removed from his socket and with wounds on his little and innocent body. Dusty was found in the street,

She is PUIUTA, born on the street of a fighting mommy but whose fate ended tragically under the wheels of a car. Puiuta was standing next to her mommy and crying.

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