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Big fuss in the APAM Sanctuary early in the morning. This is our home, this is the home of more than 100 souls saved from death and also this is our work: the flower greenhouses.
catelusa baratca

We can not describe in words the suffering of a mother who’s babies were taken away from her soon after she gave birth and most probably were killed.

Her story is the same as the one of many abandoned and unwanted souls. She reached to us 9 years ago, when we were announced that at a military facility în Bucharest, where she found shelter, it was decided her faith, to be shot because she was old and cranky.

In the beginning of the year, when temperatures were extremely low, we managed to save Arina, with her 3 pups she had given birth to under a rusty

At first sight, we didn't know what kind of animal we had in front of us; he looked that awful, without fur and almost completely destroyed. You couldn't believe that he was still

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