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In the beginning of the year, when temperatures were extremely low, we managed to save Arina, with her 3 pups she had given birth to under a rusty

At first sight, we didn't know what kind of animal we had in front of us; he looked that awful, without fur and almost completely destroyed. You couldn't believe that he was still

Everyone is in a hurry... whether at work or at home, or shopping... there's a great rush and even greater indifference around us! This little soul lay at the edge of the road, probably

This small and sweet kitty suffered an accident a long time ago, and only she knows how much she's suffered: her leg showing bones was already gangrened, and couldn't be saved. She is now at the clinic and waiting to recuperate, since she knows that she will be welcomed with ...

We keep asking ourselves and cannot understand how someone could abandon this little soul as small as a little ball. Have they never asked themselves how this little thing ccoul survive

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